Havells Profile Grande Air Fryer in india review

Technically cooked, but why are fans also revolting?

Havells’ Grande Air Fryer is a pretty basic device, made with basic engineering. Havells’ Grande Air Fryer is a pretty basic device, made with basic engineering.
I never thought I would have to talk about the air fryer craze in India, until I saw a sample unit of one. That’s how much Indians love food, and good ones too. And on a per capita basis, India is the second biggest food consumer in the world, after China.
As part of a feature, I received the new premium air fryer from Havells called the Grande Air Fryer . It has a lot to live up to — one of the things I like most about this air fryer is the branding, because I do not see much advertising in the country, much less in the air fryer space, where we have JUBILEE, Black & Decker and a host of other well-known brands. But I can’t help but notice that this air fryer has had to face a lot of trouble because of the odd shape, which you see on this product.
Havells Grande Air Fryer Review
Now, I have had a look at my Grande Air Fryer from all angles, and on the plus side, it looks great. It has a simple, well-constructed, efficient and elegant design. It is made with basic engineering, and it does look like it has come straight from the Tesla line. It is quite petite and it comes in a white and silver colour option. The small lid has a ridged top that also has a dimple in it. The lid houses an induction cook, which can accommodate different cooking techniques like steaming, baking, or convection oven cooking. The induction cook can be easily removed, so you can also clean the interior. In fact, I am one of the few people who can use this type of technology on an everyday basis because it is easy to use, with plenty of automation.
Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology pros and cons

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer with Aero Crisp Technology pros and cons
Havells have introduced this air fryer with the promised ability to achieve an air-fried crisp finish on whatever your air fryer cooked. The deluxe version comes with two 300-watt convection fans with an exhaust fan at the back. Unlike most air fryers, the air fried Crisp coating on the food is not coated with oil. It’s a light coating of fine coating of water droplets that gives you crispy flavours with a little cooking oil coating on the food.
We had this gadget for over 2 weeks to find out how it fared when we compared it to other air fryers. Here’s what we found:
Design & Fit
There are two versions of the air fryer: a premium version that comes with the amazing Aero Crisp coating, and a basic version with normal Aero Crisp coating. The only thing that distinguishes the two is that the deluxe version has a DuraGuard baffle made of aluminum with some extra indentations that help the Prolife stay in place in your cupboard.
The air fryer itself is very compact measuring a foot by 10 inches wide, 5 inches by 4 inches tall. It weighs
a good 7.4 pounds, and to be honest, it doesn’t look that hefty and it’s light enough for one person to move around. But, the back is probably as heavy as a flatscreen TV. It’s made of plastic, not the premium grade coated metal. A number of people who used the air fryer found it very difficult to lift it up with one hand.
Also, the package doesn’t tell you what the non-aerofryable materials are used in the air fryer; but, they are plastic. The housing is also plastic, but there are some metal parts to ensure it has some strength. The air fryer also seems to require a significant amount of surface space, as one of the people we interviewed for this product gave it a five-star review.
Heat and humidity sensors
A key feature of the Prolife is that it can be set at a temperature of 300F (138C). As a comparison, most other air fryers are between 400F to 450F (204C to 228C) for a good crisp coating. The Swissman XXL 2-in-1 air fryer is one of the most popular air fryers in the market, but in the light of the Prolife, it might seem to be a bit too hot for your kitchen.
The air-fried crisp is very light and fluffy.
The air fryer performed extremely well. In fact, we were surprised by its performance. The food turned out good crisp in just a few minutes. It is perfect for reheating fried foods or anything that comes from the deep fryer. I found it to be easy to clean because the non-aerofryable materials just stick to the surface. It seems like it would be easy to clean in case you don’t use it that often. I like the fact that it is so simple to use. For example, a single remote control takes care of all the functions on the device.
In comparison to some other air fryers, such as the Swissman XXL 2-in-1 air fryer, it’s a lot easier to clean the Prolife in case you don’t use it often.
It has a lot of variations for vegetable oils, and the range is a little wide. You can choose a lighter vegetable oil or a bigger vegetable oil for a better flavor.
The Prolife has an “optimum” temperature control setting for crisping foods. If you are a good cook, you can use this feature to control the temperature of your air fryer. We found this a good feature to have, as it let us control the food’s internal temperature at different stages of cooking

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